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Woodfire Pizza Oven, 8-In-1 Outdoor Oven, 5 Pizza Settings, 700°F, BBQ Smoker, Woodfire Technology, OO101

Woodfire Pizza Oven, 8-In-1 Outdoor Oven, 5 Pizza Settings, 700°F, BBQ Smoker, Woodfire Technology, OO101

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  • 8-in-1 function Outdoor Oven with temps from 105-700°F
  • 5 Custom pizza settings & 3 min no turn pizzas *cooked at 700F
  • Woodfire Technology adds smoky flavors to anything you make
Reimagine what you can cook outdoors with the Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven. This electric outdoor oven unlocks 8-in-1 versatility with a wide temperature range of 105-700°F for a world of premium flavors, textures, and results at the touch of a button. Plus, add authentic smoky flavor to anything you make at any temperature with just 1/2 cup of pellets with Ninja Woodfire Technology.
  • 8-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Do more outdoors and turn any space into an outdoor kitchen; Pizza, Max Roast, Specialty Roast, Broil, Bake, Smoker, Dehydrate and Keep Warm.
  • Artisan pizzas: 3-minute no turn, no fuss pizzas. Choose from 5 different settings to satisfy any craving; Neapolitan, Thin Crust, Pan, New York, and Frozen, cooked at 700°F excludes 25-minute preheat
  • 700°F PREMIUM RESULTS: Brick oven-inspired results without the hassle-charring, caramelization, blistering and crunch for premium textures and flavors.
  • Feed a crowd: fit up to 12 lbs. turkey, 9 lbs. pork shoulder, 12 lbs. prime rib dinner with veggies, 12 in. pizza, full sheet-pan meal or a standard 8 x 11 casserole dish
  • SMOKY FLAVORS ON ANYTHING: Add authentic BBQ flavors to anything you make with just 1/2 cup of pellets at any temperature up to 700°F.
  • COMPLETE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: No flame, full control. Electric heat unlocks a wide range of temps from 105-700°F. Expand your horizons and cook more outdoors.
  • HIGH HEAT ROASTER: 700°F max heat for Max Roast and Specialty Roast. Get high-heat char on steaks in under 7 mins, full meals up to 40% faster*, or cook a full roast with crispy outsides and juicy insides. *vs. indoor oven. Excludes 25-minute preheat.
  • FOOLPROOF BBQ SMOKER: With the touch of a button, smoke low & slow tenderized BBQ foods with authentic smoky flavor. Cook 2 racks of ribs, an 8-lb chicken or 9-lb pork shoulder.
  • EFFICIENT OUTDOOR COOKING: Electric heat makes your job easier. Just sit back and enjoy your cookout. When you're done, you can leave the oven outside because it's built for year-round outdoor cooking and storage.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Includes Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven, Pro-Heat Pan, Pizza Stone, Roast Rack, Accessory Frame, Pellet Scoop and All-Purpose Blend Starter Pack.
  • Engineered to reach 700°F max heat in 25 minutes or less for your perfect pizzas and crispiest roasts. Preheat times may vary.


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